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List of Scholarships / Education Funds in Malaysia 2011

| Uncategorized | 10 July 2011

Are you looking for scholarship? Below is the list of scholarship / education funds in Malaysia for year 2011.

Scholarships / Education Funds (Closing Date)

The MNRB Scholarship Fund (10th Jan 2011)
Shell Malaysia Scholarship (31th Jan 2011)
Ajinomoto Post-Graduate Scholarship 2012 (4th Mar 2011)
Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship Award 2011 / 2012 Academic Session (20th Mar 2011)
Khazanah Global Scholarship Programme (30th Mar 2011)
Yayasan Telekom Malaysia Local Scholarship (30th Mar 2011)
Yayasan Telekom Malaysia Oversea Scholarship (30th Mar 2011)
Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship (31st Mar 2011)
Honda Dream Fund (31st Mar 2011)
Securities Commission Scholarship 2011 (4th Apr 2011)
2012 ASEAN Scholarships (5th Apr 2011)
The Star Education Scholarship Award 2011 (6th Apr 2011)
Taylor’s World: Class Scholarship (8th Apr 2011)
GENM Schoarship Award 2011 (10th Apr 2011)
The Astro Scholarship Award (12th Apr 2011)
EPF Scholarship Programme 2011 (12th Apr 2011)
YSD Excellence Scholarship Programmes (30th Apr 2011)
Yayasan Proton Scholarship Award 2011 / 2012 (30th Apr 2011)
Gamuda Scholarship Award 2011 (30th Apr 2011)
IJM Scholarship Awards 2011 (30th Apr 2011)
Panasonic Scholarship (11th May 2011)
Maxis Scholarships for Excellence (18th May 2011)
Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) 2011 (15th Jun 2011)
Yayasan Tenaga Nasional (YTN) Scholarship 2011 (17th Jun 2011)
Shariah Scholarship Award (30th Jun 2011)
IGB Scholarship Awards 2011 (30th Jun 2011)
Tun Hussein Onn Memorial Scholarship 2011 (30th Jun 2011)
Kuok Foundation Posgraduate Scholarship (30th Jun 2011)
Malaysia Sheffield Scholarships 2011 (1st Jul 2011)
Biasiswa Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tahun 2011 Jabatan Perkhimatan Awan (8th Jul 2011)
The HSBC Scholarship Awards 2011 (8th Jul 2011)
Maybank Scholarship 2011 (Oversea) (17th Aug 2011)
OCBC Local Undergraduate Scholarship (18th Jul 2011)
Perdana University – JPA Scholarship 2011 (15th Jul 2011)
YTM Scholarship – Diploma MMC 2011 (21st Jul 2011)
Sunway University The Chancellors Scholarship (22nd Jul 2011)
2012 Sunway Chinese Independent Schools ECA-Undergraduate Scholarship (29th Jul 2011)
British Council IELTS Scholarship 2011 (31th Jul 2011)
Mantissa Scholarship Awards 2011 (Aug 2011)
CIMB Regional Scholarship (3rd Aug 2011)
Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng – Scholarship 2011 / 2012 (8th Aug 2011)
Nexus Scholarship Programme 2011 (15th Aug 2011)
UCSI University Foundation Scholarships Awards (15th Aug 2011)
Biasiswa Khas Tenaga Akademik IPTA 2011 (22nd Aug 2011)
Taylors UEC Scholarship (Dec 2010 till Sept 2011)
Sunway University College CIMB ECA Achievers Award (16th Sept 2011)
Tun Suffian foundation Scholarship 2011 (30th Sept 2011)
Western-Australian Government Scholarship (WA Premier Scholarship) 2011 (30th Sept 2011)
Intel Penang Design Centre Scholarship (30th Nov 2011)
The Teo Soo Pin Scholarship 2012 (31st Dec 2011)
Maybank Scholarship 2011 (Local) (14th – 31st Jan 2012)
Sunway Music Scholarship (2 weeks after the commencement date of programme or 2 weeks after the release of actual results)
Amcorp Study Grant (ASG) (Apply Now)
The UEM Scholarship Programme (Apply Now)
BN Youth Education Scholarship (BNYES) (Apply Now)
Tun Dr. Mahathir UPM-ELS Scholarship (Apply Now)
Limkokwing Scholarship Award 2011 (Apply Now)
The Titijaya Scholarship Fund (Apply Now)
ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship (AUS) (Apply Now)
Mantissa Special Needy Scholarships (Apply Now)
KBU International College Scholarships / Incentives / Loan (Apply Now)
KLIUC Scholarship (Apply Now)
Nilai UC Merit Scholarship (Apply Now)
Nilai UC High Achiever Scholarship (Apply Now)
Nilai UC High Achiever Scholarship (Apply Now)
Nilai UC Extra-Curriculum Excellence Award (Apply Now)
Nilai UC Enrichment for Life Award(Apply Now)
HELP University College Scholarship Awards 2011 (Contact HELP University)
INTI Progression Award (Contact INTI Unversity)
INIT Community Award (Contact INTI University)
INTI Family Loyalty Award (Contact INTI University)
INTI Chairman Scholarship (Contact INTI University)
INTI Sports X-cellence (Contact INTI University)
INTI leadership X-cellence Scholarship (Contact INTI University)
INTI-Laureate Merit Scholarship (Contact INTI University)
ECM Libra Study Loan Programme (Contact ECM Libra)
KDU-PAC Scholarship (Contact KDU)
ACCA / Sunway TES Scholarship (Contact Sunway)
Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship (Contact Sunway)
The Prysmian ASEAN Scholarship (Contact Prysmian Cables & Systems)
Limkokwing Scholarship Award 2011 (Contact Limkokwing)
Foreign University Sponsorship (Contact Petronas)
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Sponsorship (Contact Petronas)
Malaysian University Sponsorship (Contact Petronas)
Hong Leong Foundation (Contact Hong Leong Bank Bhd)

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First Female World Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 named by Ernst & Young

| Uncategorized | 5 July 2011

Olivia Lum, Group CEO and president of Hyflux Limited is the first female Entrepreneur named the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Of The year 2011. Her story was featured in The Star newspaper today. Instead she is Malaysian-born and growing up in Kampar, Perak. She was one of the orphans raised by an elderly whom she called “grandmother”. It was never easy journey for her to gets to where she is today. She sold kaya toast to support herself in school and she gave tuition to support herself with a degree in chemistry from National University of Singapore. Her determination and perseverance triggers my curiosity to find out her success story.

Thanks to Youtube, I manage find an interview video where she shared on her secret of success and what she believe in. She believes passion and conviction is important in Entrepreneur journey. “Focus on what you good at, what you believe in, continue to do that, doesn’t matter how the world think, and how the world changes and don’t distract by other thing” That’s the philosophy of her secret of success. For me, she is definitely a role model for us and she can inspired many of us.

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FREE Seminar on Easy Ways to Make Money Online

| Uncategorized | 4 July 2011

(Advertisement from The Star)

How to start internet business from home? How to make money online? What are the formulas for online success? There were many companies out there offering FREE seminar or workshop on this topic. The above advertisement from The Star is one of the FREE seminars offered to public. Have anyone attended these type of seminars or workshops? We are looking forward to your valuable comment.

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Virtual Assistants – An Opportunity to Work From Home

| Uncategorized | 1 July 2011

Looking for home based administrative or secretary job? Looking for an opportunity becomes an entrepreneur? Virtual Assistant can be one of your options.

Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor and a home based entrepreneur who provides administrative support and or specialized business services. Virtual Assistants offer services like data entry, accounting / bookkeeping, PowerPoint presentation, Travel arrangements, writing, editing & researching services, secretarial services, word processing, personal assistant services, customer services and etc.

The Virtual Assistant jobs become increasingly available and at the same time with the help of technology it has enabled many to start their own business while being at home with their family. Virtual Assistant uses the internet, phone, fax, email and other technology to communication with client. Beside that, you may have a global client base. There are many great resources out there if you would like start out Virtual business. Bear in mind, the hardest part is getting started and it take perseverance. Wish you best of the luck.

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Top 10 Careers in Malaysia 2011

| Uncategorized | 28 June 2011

  • Network Engineer
  • Sales And Marketing Executive
  • Accountant
  • Electrical Engineer / Electronics Engineer
  • HR Executive
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • Telecommunication Engineer
  • Corporate Banker
  • Petroleum Engineer

Source: GTI Media

For more information, visit gtimedia.asia

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Data Entry Scam – My Bad Experience!

| Uncategorized | 2 June 2011

My Real Experience – Many years back, during my college time, I went to interview for a so-called home based part time data entry job without realizing it was actually a SCAM.

In fact, I went for few companies (somewhere around Jalan Imbi, Jalan Ampang, and forgot the third one) for similar job – Home Based Data Entry. Basically, the procedure of interview looks normal like others – filling the application form, wait for interview together with others candidate.

After interview, so bad, I paid them RM150 for so-called charges of administration. I was initially refused to pay for the fees, but was finally convinced by the interviewer due to my strong desire to earn more pocket money by doing some part time from home. Furthermore, their offer is attractive.

After few days, I had never received any call from them, which they had claimed that many data entry jobs in hand with them and should call me to start the jobs after a day or two.

By then, I felt something is fishy. So, I called them and questioning for the jobs availability. Unfortunately, all kind of excuses was given. Sorry! No job available now, please wait patiently…

Until a week later, newspaper reported about it, Data Entry Scam! The interview process, company setup, and tactic used are the same. Then, I realized it was a SCAM! I was cheated!

Please be reminded that never bother to pay any money for whatsoever reasons to head hunter or recruitment agency!

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Kerja Part Time in KL & Selangor: TM Unifi / Streamyx Agent

| Uncategorized | 1 June 2011

Sugar price increased, Petrol price increased, Electric price increased, what is the next? Your salary? Less likely. Perhaps, another 6 or 7 months to go for year end salary increment to be announced by company?

For youngster, college student, and those are currently jobless, why not give yourself a try? Of course, for student, spend your time priority for study; only consider a part time job when you have free time!

For more information, please contact 010-4266267 or view the Ad here posted by parttimejob33

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The Best Employer in Malaysia 2011 – S P Setia Bhd Group

| Uncategorized | 22 May 2011

Congratulation! S P Setia wins the Overall Best Employer in Malaysia Award based on the Aon Hewitt Best Employer 2011 study.

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Job Interviews via Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

| Uncategorized | 1 March 2011

Are you looking for a job where you can tweet during working hour? Are you looking for opportunity to work in New York? Are you social media professional? If yes, this is job opportunity for you to work with Marc Jacobs International a US designer company. They were looking for someone heading their twitter account and social media. No resume required. What you need to do is apply per 140-character message in one tweet. That is your interview.

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